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A Fiat currency is not used here. However, standard accounting programs require Fiat currency in order to be able to create a posting record.

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Thus, the accounting procedure works "Bitcoin EUR 10, to bank EUR 10,". However, a booking process such as "Bitcoin 1 to Ethereum 20" cannot be displayed in ordinary accounting software if a Bitcoin has been exchanged for 20 ethers. Solution: "CoinRacoon" Accounting software for crypto transactions With our software CoinRacoon we solve the accounting problems of commercial crypto investors.

Accounting of Cryptocurrencies in Germany Legal advice for accounting of cryptocurrencies Entrepreneurs who want to make profits through arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies or raise capital via an Initial Coin Offering ICO must not only have a good feel for the cryptocurrency market and a high level of technical affinity. They also face a tax problem that many only recognize as such at second glance: the accounting of cryptocurrencies. What problems arise when accounting for Bitcoin and Co.?

The software creates semi-automated financial accounting for companies that balance crypto transactions. With the help of the software, complicated processes and thousands of cryptocurrency transactions can be automatically and legally transferred to financial accounting.

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Airdrops Capture of all token types, including in the context of Initial Coin Offerings ICOs API or manual CSV import of trades and transfers from different exchanges Conversion into a standard CSV format that can be read into DATEV for further processing Automatic conversion of each transaction into Euro Automatic creation of a document for each movement Automatic creation of a file with the holdings of Bitcoin-Anleger-Tool Handelsansicht cryptocurrency on each exchange at the end of a selectable period of time Are you interested?

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with an individual offer. Coinigy is proud to mention that there are no fees beyond your monthly plan. I should hope not!

Accounting of Cryptocurrencies in Germany

Like all the rest of these platforms, you can pretty much run your entire portfolio from Coinigy. Overall, I like the look of Coinigy, but I would certainly take advantage of the free version to make sure, before parting with any money.

Altrady is compatible with all the major exchanges. BinanceKrakenCoinbase ProBittrexHuobi, PoloniexHitBTCand OKEx.

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Altrady enables you to set up alerts from all your crypto exchanges all in one place, in an organized fashion. You can receive updates as emails and straight to your device running the application.

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If you want to improve your effectiveness then you need to look at your performance data. Raw data displayed dispassionately leaves no room for doubt. Altrady offers a powerful analytics dashboard so you can detach from your emtions and trade on hardcore data.

Blockchain is basically a public ledger, and explorers enable cryptopreneurs to search a much great information through the database. Doing crypto business without a good blockchain explorer is just like someone using the internet without search engines. Before going further the best explorers to use, let me quickly explain what blockchain explorer is all about in general. What is Blockchain explorer?

Aside of these, Altrady has a packed roadmap with plans to launch their own trading bots DCA, grid, scalping and signals marketplace. And with a competitive pricing, Altrady is definitely worth checking out. Visit Altrady Now Coinrule Based in London, UK, Coinrule offers services to automated traders. They have developed a suite of high-quality market products including market data feeds and efficient trade execution algorithms. Coinrule aims to provide professional-grade tools to retail traders.

There are 3 paid versions plus a free demo. But what do you get for your money? No coding required.

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It is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin blockchain explorers and as an added bonus, supports over cryptocurrencies - significantly more than any other blockchain explorer service.

Aside from being an excellent Bitcoin blockchain browser, it also does support Bitcoin Cash blockchain, Ethereum and other popular chains. Because of the enormous volume of data this system processes, loading times can be on the slow side but what it lacks in speed, it certainly makes up for in information as far as a block explorer goes. Etherscan Do you trade primarily in Ethereum?

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Then look no further than a blockchain explorer built exclusively for the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum users can easily search for, confirm and validate transactions. With the popularity of Initial Coin Offerings ICO on the rise and selling out fast, Etherscan can quickly verify whether the Ether from your wallet went through to the BAT address successfully.

Here are five significant features of our trading tool you need to know about: The Bitcoin Anleger programming is way ahead of the financial market. It is said to be 0. Bitcoin Anleger is able to detect even the slightest changes in the market. Which means it can produce the most accurate trade signals on the market for you. Bitcoin Anleger, unlike other similar trading tools, does not charge exorbitant registration or brokerage fees.

It is a fast and reliable blockchain explorer, especially useful for Bitcoin holders, and is free to use. You can use the leading blockchain explorer to get information about transactions, block size, block IDs and more on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum blockchain networks.

It has a great user interface and an in-built calendar to make searching for transactions easier. In addition to the above data, it also shows unconfirmed transactions, transaction fees, rich lists and historical fees.

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A unique feature that BTC. An added benefit of BTC. Select the postfix type for the worker name. Then click the "Config Selected Miners" or "Config All Miners" button. Click any cell in the miners table, then the cell will turn blue - you have selected the miner of its row you only need to select a cell, you do not need to select the entire row. You can drag your mouse to select multiple consecutive miners.

Or, hold down the Ctrl key and click multiple individual lines.


Another way to select multiple consecutive miners is to click the start miner, hold down the Shift key, then click the end miner. If you need to restart the devices, click the "Reboot Selected Miners" or "Reboot All Miners" button. Currently, the program can only restart Antminers, Avalon restart is in development. Video instruction subscribe Does the software not see the ASIC?