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What Is Ethereum Classic?

Every share of ETCG represents a little under 1 ETC. Specifically the trust has 4, shares of 0. Cryptocurrencies are a digital phenomenon known well for decentralised finance systems. Furthermore, the lack of intermediaries and the array of benefits that ensued have made cryptocurrency the most preferred asset of recent times.

What Is Ethereum Classic ETC? The blockchain was split into two for security reasons.

By Lilit Chichyan Share Ethereum Classic is a decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain with the same goal as Ethereum. Both projects aim to let developers run smart contracts and decentralized applications DApps on the Ethereum blockchain network. Ethereum Classic is a hard fork of the Ethereum network that happened in after the hack of the Ethereum-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO.

While the new blockchain is referred to as Ethereum, the older blockchain was renamed Ethereum Classic with the native ETC coin. The split version of the blockchain was created to remunerate the investors as per the records before the breach. However, the two blockchains eventually had to exist concurrently. This risk adds some volatility to the long-term price.

FAQs What Is Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic is a decentralised blockchain-based platform used for the execution of smart contracts and decentralised applications dApps.

ETC vs ETH — Final Thoughts In the battle of ETC vs ETH, the vast majority of crypto supporters have chosen to favor Ethereum. The above issues with ETH are only mentioned for the sake of fairness to both communities, but as a crypto enthusiast, you should be aware of all the available information.

While Ethereum ETH may be looked at as a mutation and violation of the principles of immutability behind Ethereum, it also serves as a landmark victory for the Ethereum community being able to come together and handle the worst hack in cryptocurrency history.

  1. FAQs Ethereum Classic is the coin that came into being after a split in the Ethereum blockchain.
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An argument can be made that if not for the hard fork, Ethereum, the platform that allows countless innovative and spectacular Dapps to run, might not exist today.

As you can see, both camps of the ETC vs ETH argument make solid points. The power of Ethereum lies in its community since it is a platform that allows others to build projects that could revolutionize virtually any industry. Ethereum Classic, however, is stained with the unfortunate history of the DAO.

The core idea behind the DAO could have made a substantial impact on the future of technology, and the core flaws in its security gave birth to a stronger platform. The sheer market cap size and the strong community behind Ethereum ETH foreshadow a bright future. ETC, on the other hand, appears to be slowly shrinking in market cap comparison to the rest of the crypto world and consists more of a combination of immutable blockchain loyalists, ETH antagonists, and general market speculators.

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But with the addition of Ethereum Classic to Coinbase, it looks as if the ETC vs ETH competition may not be settled just yet. Ethereum Classic will be the only top proof of work smart contracts blockchain. There are no other top smart contracts platforms that use the proof of work based Nakamoto Consensus mechanism.

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This positions ETC in a unique and extremely valuable niche. However, several upgrades have been implemented, and others will continue to be performed to make it much more stable [11].

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Investors Might Jump Ship To Sparklo (SPRK)

The support level is the point where the price stops falling floor and goes back up, while the resistance level is the point where the price stops rising ceiling and goes back up. Rather than picking an absolute level to stop, consider using a trailing stop-loss.

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With a trailing stop-loss, the stop-loss value is tied to a certain percentage or dollar amount below the market price. When it finally stops dipping, the stop-loss value is adjusted and remains at the new level. Before confirming the transaction, make sure to review everything one last time.

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Stop-losses can help mitigate loss by automatically closing the trade if a minimum threshold is reached. Take-profits allow you to maximise profit by closing a trade once your target profit is achieved.

The Ethereum Classic Investment Trust (ETCG) Explained

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Es erscheint nun eine Liste an Kryptowährungen, aus der du den gewünschten Coin auswählen kannst. Wähle die Spalte "ETC" und klicke auf "Kaufen", um in Ethereum Classic zu investieren.

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