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Plus, you can offer consultation and advisory services with the cryptocurrency license in the city.

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DMCC has launched a new cryptocurrency center and plans to be the middle for every blockchain-related activity in Dubai. Dubai is already known as the largest world leader in technology and the addition of the latest technologies like blockchain and crypto-only bolstered its position.

The DMCC cryptocurrency license has an extremely vital part to play in this achievement. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority DAFZA DAFZA stands for Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority. This is another free DMCC in Dubai that easily accepted the addition of cryptocurrencies.

They signed an agreement with the ESCA The UAE Securities and Commodities Authority that assisted them to support fresh businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to do wonderful business activities associated with crypto. By granting cryptocurrency licenses in Dubai, they enabled businesses in the area.

By obtaining a cryptocurrency license from the DAFZA, companies can use crypto assets for conducting different business activities. This is because issued ICOs can be financial or non-financial in nature.

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Non-financial tokens will not fall under the FSMRs, whereas those which have characteristics of Securities, will. Commodities still fall under regulations.


Yet there are provisions for usual prospectus exemptions if an offer is made to a professional client as categorized in the FSMRor fewer than 50 persons in any 12 months. There are implications of this preference. If FSRA declares virtual assets as digital securities, new requirements pop in. The facilities required would include intermediaries such as operators, crypto-asset exchanges, and more.

These facilities would then have to acquire approval as financial services permission holders, recognized investment exchanges, and clearinghouses. It is vital to keep in mind here that the FSRA does not allow a secondary market to list digital securities issued outside the purview of the ADGM. The FSRA might also consider the use of tokens by firms as components to build an investment fund on the blockchain as units in a collective investment fund.

The ADGM fund rules would apply to such investment funds.

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It would also mean extensive regulatory requirements coming into action. If an entity wishes to issue a stablecoin, it can only do so by staying under the purview of the ADGM. It should be a one-to-one arrangement with the backing of a fiat currency.

Why Crypto Companies Loves Dubai

The issuer of such stablecoins would qualify as a money services business and mandatorily hold financial services permission for the regulated activity of providing money services as per schedule 1, section 52 of the FSMR. The DMCC Crypto Regulations Over time, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center DMCC expanded its scope to become more accommodative to crypto asset businesses.

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In the DMCC, by entering a MoU with the SCA has established a regulatory framework for businesses offering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets in DMCC. As a trade-off, the DMCC had aligned with the requirements laid out in the SCA Virtual Asset Regulation Framework. Businesses that are dealing with crypto assets thus gain access to licences for crypto-commodities trading.

Businesses that have DMCC trading licences can only trade on their behalf, using their funds for trading. Amid the circular from RBI, one of the popular exchanges Zebpay suspended its operation in India on 04 July And finally, on 6th Aprilreleasing a circular, RBI banned Cryptocurrency in India declaring it an illegal entity which will come into effect from 6th June The exchanges dealt with heavy losses as all the transactions were stopped and there was no bank access.

All the people were forced to sell the currency before they lost access. Many exchanges closed down and many users too faced loss. The exchanges investiere in krypto dubai disappointed with the blanket ban, the exchanges decided to take this matter to the court filing its first petition on 01 May challenging the ban. The supreme court clubbed up all the petitions against the ban and scheduled 11th May hearing.

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Crypto Petitions against RBI banking restriction, filed in various High Courts in India, may be transferred to Supreme Court for common adjudication. Users who have ZENIQ can use them for a fee reduction. One of the main features of the exchange will be the seamless integration of FIAT as an IBAN link that will allow SEPA transactions. Withdrawals will have no fees and the ZENIQ HUB allows outstanding security.

Some crypto trading signal providers also offer VIP channels with more frequent signals per day, as well as advanced features such as trading bots that automate trades based on the signals received. It is important for investors to do their research before subscribing to any signal provider, ensuring that they offer transparent trading strategies and have a good reputation in the community. By using crypto trading signals, investors can potentially increase their chances of making profitable trades in the volatile crypto space.

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In conclusion, crypto trading signals can be a valuable tool for investors looking to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency trading with confidence and ease. Free vs Paid Signals When it comes to crypto trading signals, investors have the option of choosing between free and paid signals. Free signals are typically offered through Telegram groups and provide users with up to three alerts per week.

The Middle East already has a crypto hub, and it’s not Dubai

On the other hand, paid signals offer more frequent alerts — around three per day — and often come with additional information such as risk-reward ratios and suggested stake amounts.

While free signals may be a good starting point for new traders, they may not provide enough information or frequency for experienced traders looking to make more profitable trades. Paid signal providers also tend to have a better reputation in the community and offer more transparent trading strategies. It is important to do thorough research before subscribing to any signal provider, regardless of cost, in order to ensure that their strategies align with your own goals as a trader.

How to protect yourself from scammers Scammers use Telegram to lure unsuspecting investors with enticing promises of quick profits and exclusive investment opportunities.

Unfortunately, many people have fallen prey to these scams, which come in various forms, including Ponzi schemes, copycat admins, fake ICO offering scams, and pump and dump schemes. These scams can occur in different ways, such as in a personal message that directs you to a third-party website or a trap asking you to invest in certain tokens for high returns in the short term.

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Scammers have also been known to create fake celebrity endorsements, falsify trading volumes, and create fake groups that mimic popular Telegram groups.

In most cases, those who are not very familiar with the crypto industry are the primary targets of these scams. However, there are ways to protect yourself and your assets from these scams. One of the most effective ways is to stay vigilant and educated on how to recognize and avoid these scams. Second, only follow links from trusted and official sources, and cross-check the links with other sources to avoid making errors.

Crypto Regulation in Dubai

Third, do not share your personal information with anyone, and be cautious of fake admin accounts. To verify the authenticity of an admin account, copy their username and search for their posts in the group.

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